Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Fashion February | Week 2

Here is my post for the 2nd week of Fashion February, and the topic for this is Harem Pants - also known as "hammer pants". So without further ado, lets get on with the post.

Now personally, when i first think of harem pants, my brain goes into full on MC Hammer cringe mode. But now you can find all sorts of different "Hammer Pants" with different designs. I prefer designs that are quite subtle, as I think the pants on their own are quite a statement, so finding simple block colour black pairs or patterned monochrome style pants are just enough for me.

Also a bonus extra part, is to try and include the bonus accessory. This weeks accessory was an Ear Cuff, so I have paired each outfit with its own Ear Cuff.

Here are some outfit ideas on what I would pair Harem Pants with If i had to incorporate them into an outfit.

harems and earcuffs - blog use.

harems and earcuffs - blog use. by yeahitsbex

Outfit 1: For this outfit the Harem Pants I chose were this light brown colour as they are subtle and I paired them with a slightly over-sized white box shape t-shirt because they go so well together; you could also wear a white graphic top. Then to add some edge to it the shoes I chose were Jeffrey Campbell Litas (I know I know, I use them all the time!) Finally I incorporated an ear cuff supporting the edgy vibe again with the hanging spike and grungy silver colour, then topping it off with a simple black fedora.

Outfit 2: As the base of this outfit I chose a simple classic black pair of Harem Pants, and to go with this I decided to stick to the monochrome theme as I really like it. I then paired this amazing marl looking monochrome knitted cardigan and I love the shape of it and think it softens the look making it more wearable; you could also wear a plain block colour top under this or even add a pop of colour with the t-shirt. The Ear Cuff I chose for this was a little bit more 'blingy' and I chose it because I really liked the shape and especially as the outfit is monochrome, adding gold and a few diamonds would look nice. Lastly to make the look more casual I paired it with a suede black pair of Vans.

Outfit 3: This outfit is quite casual because I chose to use Harem Pants that were a denim material which instantly make it quite laid back, but I chose this pale pink jumper/sweatshirt as it is a great colour and softens the look. Then instead of pairing it with more casual shoes, I decided on these amazing suede black heels because they would totally contrast which I think looks nicer and tidies the outfit up a bit. Finally I picked a gunmetal colour Ear Cuff so it didn't stand out too much.

If I had to buy them I would choose the brown or black pair as they are more subtle which I prefer. You can find the same style as the brown pair here (note that the brown is no longer available), and the black pair here.

In my opinion I dont really like the style, and sometime baggy clothes dont look right on me because I am rather petite. However I do like the brown and black pairs that look subtle and would probably wear thrm, and also they do look good in the comfort aspect. So overall I wouldnt go out and buy a pair in a hurry, or wear a statement pair. But as long as their subtle I wouldnt mind.

Would you wear them, what is your opinion on Harem Pants?


Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Fashion February | Week 1

As part of the new project I mentioned in my last post, called Fashion February (it was created by my friend Ali, you can find her blog here) But basically, each week of February there is a certain topic in which you have to post about. This weeks product/topic is: The NUMARI "The Diagonal Colour Block Sheath Dress".

Displaying FL-13-002-Front_Ariana.fw.png

Although the dress comes in a range of colours my favourite is this one because I think black is a very classic colour and perfect for a dress, and also the nude really compliments it. Also the shape of the dress is really nice and looks nice on all body shapes. Also the good thing about this colour combination is that it can be dressed up or dressed down. As an idea of what I would pair it with, here I have made an outfit set.

(for my blog use)
So the quality went weird, but hopefully you can still see the items properly, but here is a list of the items I would choose to wear with it, and as you can see the look is quite edgy, but i think because the dress looks quite formal and classy, it would contrast so well with the leather and studs etc. It also is mainly a monochrome theme, but the handbag is a splash of colour and I really love acrylic clutches.

1) H&M Marled Coat
I chose this as the main piece to compliment the dress, because of its slouchy 'boyfriend' style it would contrast the dress balancing the look out. I also wanted to keep with the monochrome theme by bringing grey in, and also being it is marled, it adds dimension and texture to the look.

2) Jeffrey Campbell Lita Black Spike
Firstly, Jeffrey Campbell has to be one of my favourite shoe designers and all of his designs make me weak at the knees (not literally though). But anyway, so with the look of the leather it straight away looks sleeker and then the studs give it the edge that I love. I generally love the shape of the Litas, even though some may argue its more of a boot. But i still think it can look ladylike.

3) Jimmy Choo Acrylic Clutch Bags
As you can see I included 2 designs as I couldn't decide. Firstly this was the pop of colour that is in the look and I only wanted one colourful piece. I love clutches that are Acrylic/Perspex as they add a nice vibe to the look and also have some great secure designs. I just think these clutches look so well made and very smooth and modern for the look. Also they look like they could fit items in without looking bulky.

4) Sterling Silver 'Rebecca' Necklace
Finally, the only jewellery included in the look. I really wanted to keep jewellery to a minimal with maybe a few rings or a bracelet. But I chose this necklace as it adds a personalised touch to the look which I like without drawing too much of the attention away from the dress. I also felt like with a statement like clutch, bold jewellery wasn't needed.

So that is my review of the NUMARI "The Diagonal Colour Block Sheath Dress". Overall I really love this dress because it is such a classic that can be worn in so many ways by so many people. I love black dresses and the block of nude adds a twist without overpowering it. I think this dress is a perfect item and would be a good wardrobe staple.

Would you wear this dress, if so what colour or what would you pair it with?

(for my blog use)

Name Necklace in Sterling Silver - Rebecca